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Mr. Willis opened his first company BNW Financial Services, Inc. in November, 1990. During the first few years BNW Financial specialized in raising funds for the financing and funding of production and prints & advertising budgets for major motion pictures requiring the capitalization of millions of dollars.


In 1996 Mr. Willis purchased an Irish company called Brockstar Limited 1996, opening numerous affiliate companies worldwide thereafter. During these years working with GSM-102, the OPIC and the IFC and MIGA of the World Bank Group including numerous European banks, companies and trusts, Brockstar became extensively involved in arranging funding for large scale projects with budgets ranging from 10 million USD up to 200 million USD plus. 

Brockstar has been in business for over 29 years as a full service financial group

specializing in large scale project funding on a global basis.


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Brockstar underwrites and provides funding for large commercial projects and privately funded investments including private portfolio management.


We have worked with the MIGA and the IFC of the World Bank Group, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a USA Governmental Agency, and numerous major world banks, insurance companies and investment firms.

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